(Phone Ringing) 
[Man:] "Hello?" 
[Operator:] "Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mr. Floyd. 
Will you accept the charges from the United States" 
(Phone is Hung Up) 
"He hung up. Is this your residence, sir?" 
"I wonder why he hung up..." 
"There must be someone else there 
besides your wife to answer." 
(Phone Ringing) 
[Man:] "Hello?" 
[Operator:] "This is the United States calling." 
"Are we reaching?" 
(Phone is Hung Up) 
"See he keeps hanging up." 
"But it's a man answering." 
(Operator cuts connection)

The whole song is in power chords, so I've only put D and A, etc.
If you want to play the full chords, they'd be minor. (D would be Dm and so on)
Intro: (each chord 3 times)- D  E  F  E  D  E  F  E
         D             A
Shall we buy a new guitar
         D                     A
Shall we drive a more powerful car
         D                         A
Shall we work straight through the night?
         D                          (stays on D through this whole verse)
Shall we get into fights,
Leave the lights on,
Drop bombs,
Do tours of the East,
Contract disease,
Bury bones,
Break up homes,
Send flowers by phone,
Take to drink,
Go to shrinks,
Give up meat,
Rarely sleep,
Keep people as pets
Train dogs,
Race rats,
Fill the attic with cash,
Bury treasure,
Store up leisure,
But never relax at all??
With our backs to the Wall.
(1 heavy strum for each chord symbol for this last line)
D     D  C   D
Backs to The Wall!