Opening - F#, E(low E) B x4
 Then verse - F#, E
Play verse over the lyrics- 
Im on a mission to make my decision 
lead a path of self destruction
A sLow progression killn my complection 
and its rottn out my Teeth 

Then Pre Chours - A, E
Im on a Roll, no self control
Im Blown off steam with admethanamene

Then Chours F# E
Well Dont know what i want 
and that all that i got,
And im pickn skabs off my face

Every hour my blood is turnn sour 
and my pulse is beating out of time
I found a tresure filled with sick pleasure 
and it sits on a thick white line

Then pre chours chours then interlude

F#, B/E, B x8 

Verse pre chours chours then interlude
then intro 3 times