C                  D
If it weren't for your maturity
 Bm                    C
None of this would have happened
    C                D
If you weren't so wise beyond your years
 Bm                      C
I would have been able to control myself
 C                 D
If it weren't for my attention
      Bm                   C
You wouldn't have been successful
            C               D
And if, if it weren't for me
                       Bm              C
You would never have amounted to very much


 C   D    Bm           C
Ooo-ooh this could be messy
    C  D       Bm      C
But you don't seem to mind
 C   D            Bm           C
Ooo-ooh don't go telling everybody
    C     D          Bm      C
And overlook this supposed crime

C           D           Bm         C
We'll fast forward to a few years later
And no-one knows except the both of us
And I have honoured your request for silence
And you've washed your hands clean of this

You're essentially an employee
And I like you having to depend on me
You're a kind of protege
And one day you'll say you learned all you know from me
I know you depend on me
Like a young thing would go to a guardian
I know you sexualize me
Like a young thing would and I think I like it

Em               C              G                    D
What part of our history is re-invented and under rug swept
What part of your memory is selective and tends to forget
What's with the distance    it seems           so obvious

Just make sure you don't tell on me
Especially to members of your family
We best keep this to ourselves
And not tell any member of our inner posse
I wish I could tell the world
Cos you're such a pretty thing when you're done up properly
I might want to marry you, one day
If you'd watch that weight and keep your firm body