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(ez megy a versszakok és a refrén alatt is ;)

Hello tourist du bist in Budapest,
capitol of Hungary
For a little money I will show you
this beautiful city

I'am a student I'am 23
I study sociology
on the very famous Eötvös Lóránd
science university

Hello tourist on the right side,
Hello tourist on the left side

this is called Danubius
wich is a river and also a radio
that is a Bridge wich is called Lánc
and also one radio

to the right side you can see the Buda part
wich is one half of the city
to the left side you can see the Pest
and the Parliament of Hungary

Hello tourist on the...

look at the hill there is a castel
it was the old king's residency
we have no more kings
because Hungary is a parlemental democracy

Hello tourist on the...

I'am sure you are tired now
you can to left now this ship Hapci
if you liked the tour you can give me now
some Hungarian money

we will stop now you can go to casino
bye-bye arrivederci
I hope you enjoyed the sightseeing tour
auf wiedersehen bonne nuit

Hello tourist on the... x2